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Hot Tub & Swim Spa Information

Technical Specifications

All the technical information about all our hot tub and swim spa cover.


Thermal Insulation Core

Expanded Polystyrene High Density
Density: 28kg/m3 K
Value: 0.034kg/m3 R
Value @ 100mm: 2.94m2k/w


10mm black moulded zip


Male & Female fasteners with 2 x plastic locking keys


25mm webbing which is covered in the outer skin material - 4 straps per cover


25mm wide handles, covered & stitched in the outer skin material to form handles


This is positioned in the thickest part of the insert : ie : 4” -2” Taper This is fixed into the hinge position . To reinforce the spine of the cover.

1 Year Warranty

Our warranty guarantees product performance for one year from date of purchase on both materials and workmanship.

Designer Colours

A choice of seven different colours to choose from to suit your spas environment.

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