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The difference a cover can make

Hot tub covers can make the difference between a high electric bill and a low one. The largest portion of heat escapes your hot tub through the top, thus ensuring your heater has to work harder to keep the water at your preferred temperature. By choosing an insulated hot tub cover, you can help your heater be more efficient.


If your hot tub came with a cover as most portable ones do, don't assume it's a well-insulated one. Most lids are insulated with EPS or Expanded Polystyrene, so you probably don't need to check into the type of material used. The thickness of the EPS matters, though. As a consumer, you need to look at the thickness of the cover. Thickness refers to a material's ability to resist the flow of heat and is based on thickness.

After a certain point, you may find it more cost- and energy-efficient to add a floating solar blanket instead of a more expensive hot tub lid. An energy-efficient floating thermal blanket helps keep in heat plus it reduces the amount of moisture building up on the inside of the cover which can extend the life of your spa cover.

Keep in mind when you are buying thicker covers, they become heavier to lift. If you are shopping for a cover for a large hot tub spa, you may want to grab a cover lifter at the same time.

Maintenance Advice

If you're lucky enough to live in a sunny location, a quality UVA/UVB vinyl protectant is mandatory. Apply as directed 3-4 times a year. DO NOT use 'Armor-All' brand protectant as it contains petroleum distillates and damages vinyl long-term. A quality saddle soap or marine application protectant is good, or try '303' spray.

When you use shock chemicals weekly, it's very important to leave your cover open/off for a jet run cycle (15-20 min.) so expelled gases can escape. This protects the underside of your cover, as well as clears your water for clarity.

Lastly, you can remove your foam cores (they all zipper out at hinge) and flip them over and put them back in to reverse the 'sag'. This should be done once a year, or twice a year if your tub is 7' or bigger. Our cores have aluminium channel reinforcement which adds strength and durability to reduce the effects of sag.

An alternative to a rigid cover is a micron bubble coverwhich float on top of the surface of the water and significantly reduce surface evaporation.

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